Bagoy's Florist and Home

Bagoy's Florist and Home

Posted by bagoys on February 10, 2021 Flowers In the News Valentine's Day

In the News: Bagoy’s Gearing up for Valentine’s Day

Anchorage florist, Bagoy’s Florist and Home, is featured on Alaska’s News Source TV program.

Chanda Mines, owner of Bagoy’s Florist and Home, and her floral design experts are working hard in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

It’s “working up to its typical frenzy,” Chanda states, “and people are really strong on roses.”

Bagoy's storefrontBagoy's online site

Uncertain of the future of her flower shop since the pandemic hit last year, Chanda has focused on her website and online sales, in which their volume is up.

Floral designer putting together bouquet of flowers

The messages for Valentine’s Day this year shows a lot of encouragement and love, according to Chanda. “The pandemic has brought on a lot of depression for people, a lot of loneliness, and what we’re seeing through so many different orders is just that…people connection.”

Watch the entire video here.

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