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Posted by Chanda Mines on June 7, 2016 | Last Updated: December 9, 2020 Roses

June Rose Bouquets

rosesFor so many people, roses bring up wonderful memories of first dates, anniversaries, or maybe even bring you back in time to your wedding day. The timeless rose has captured the imaginations of countless romantics through the centuries and is one of our most loved flowers. The red rose, more specifically, embodies a deep symbolism of passion and desire; and on June 12, the enchanting flower is celebrated with its special day. National Red Rose Day is observed during the summertime season, at the height of the rose’s beauty and abundance, It is also no coincidence that it takes place in June, because the rose is also the month’s’ official birth flower.

rosesDo you know someone celebrating a birthday this month? The rose is the perfect way to send them your best wishes, but the red rose is not your only choice – not by a long shot! There is a complete rainbow of varying colors, hues, and tones to choose from. Roses grow in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple – and Bagoy’s Florist & Home Rose Sorbet arrangement showcases many of these beautifully! The bright and vibrant pinks, yellows, and oranges make this birthday bouquet a summer staple and the ideal way to employ the official flower of June as a cheery gift.

rosesAs if the rose doesn’t get enough attention in this month, our June brides also cherish the white rose for many of their ceremonies. All in all, the rose is the undisputed star of June – and Bagoy’s Florist & Home is the best place in Anchorage to get these classic flowers. No matter the occasion, no matter the color, no matter the arrangement – the rose is the right choice, and we are the right florist!