Beautiful luxury roses in red, pink, white, yellow, and even lavender.

Softly scented, high performing. Bagoy's roses are loaded with petals and longevity for enjoyment. Receiving a Bagoy's rose arrangement delivery shows how much you care. Send them the best!

Favorites in Roses

Roses are the perfect elegant and simple flower. Ours come in a variety of colors, styles and arrangements. With hundreds to choose from, our Rose delivery can be tailored for any occasion, whether you want to say, "I Love You" or "Thank You."



?? Where do your roses come from?

Many of our rose growers are in South America, though varieties from Holland and California are also brought in.

?? How long do your roses last?

Roses can last up to 10 days with proper care. We provide detailed care instructions with all our orders and encourage people to call us for more details, tips or any concerns they may have.

?? Are roses easy to care for?

We think they are! It comes down to simple science…if a rose can draw clear water up its stem, it will last. Darkened stem ends, dirty water or a velvety feel to the petals are all signs your roses need immediate care. Flushing out the vase with fresh water, re-cutting the stems and giving a misting of humidity are the main things that keep your roses vibrant and lasting.

?? How do I know if roses are fresh?

Rose petals should feel full and firm. Tight buds are no longer the sign of freshness as rose varieties are now bread for larger petal counts and display full beautiful blooms. Darkened stems show a need for a fresh cut which is a sign of aging and needing care, yet not a sign of ‘old’.

?? Do you sell rose petals for cakes?

Bagoy’s offers rose petals year round. We have inquired to the pesticide use on our roses and it is used, though considered low, making them safe for food display. We do recommend they be cleaned with water, like any fresh fruit. For edible petals, a special order of organic flowers would need to be placed for you.

A Word from Our Customers