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Gifts to Celebrate a Great Boss

By bagoys on September 21, 2017 in Gifts, Plants. 0 Comments

The idea of National Boss Day originated in 1958, when Patricia Bays Haroski registered the holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce. She chose October 16 as an homage to her father's birthday, and her goal was to show appreciation for her boss at State Farm Insurance Company. She also imagined that the day could serve to enhance the relationship between employees and supervisors. In 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner officially proclaimed the day, which has grown in popularity and is observed not only in the United States, but also in Australia, India, and South Africa. At Bagoy's Florist & Home, we believe that anyone who is a great leader deserves a little recognition. So for the encouragers, the promoters, and those who make our workplace a fun place to be, we say thank you! If you want to thank your great boss for all they do, we are here to help.  Read More about Gifts to Celebrate a Great Boss

Fall Centerpieces in Autumn Colors

By bagoys on September 12, 2017 in Fall Flowers. 0 Comments

Autumn in Anchorage means that days are getting steadily colder and shorter - which is why autumn colors are such a beautiful addition to your home. These color palettes are warm and inviting, and bring comfortable ambiance to your decor during this season. Not to mention, autumn also ushers in some of our most beloved holidays - and Bagoy's Florist & Home is prepared to create gorgeous fall centerpieces and bouquets to bring all the warmth of this season to you.  Read More about Fall Centerpieces in Autumn Colors

Welcoming Succulents for Housewarming

By Chanda Mines on September 4, 2017 in Hostess Gifts, Welcome. 0 Comments

Whether they have a housewarming party or not, bringing a gift to a new homeowner is considered to be a friendly and neighborly gesture. If someone you love recently moved into a new place, you can trust the experts at Bagoy's Florist & Home to provide you with unique and beautiful recommendations to welcome them to their new adventure. Remember: If someone just moved into your neighborhood, a housewarming gift is a wonderful way to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome! We believe that giving plants and flowers is a great way to begin a beautiful friendship. Read More about Welcoming Succulents for Housewarming

Florals for the Homecoming Dance

By Chanda Mines on September 2, 2017 in Homecoming Flowers, Prom. 0 Comments

Let's face it, we do things a little differently here in Anchorage - necessarily so! While the rest of the country prepares for football games in sweater weather and balmy walks to the homecoming dance, we are bundled up against the elements - but that just means we do homecoming Alaska-style! The cold and (likely) rain aren't daunting to us. In fact, we are just as likely to pair our short dresses with rain boots or xtratufs than with stiletto heels. Still, some things are traditional no matter where you are, and homecoming flowers fall into that category. If you are looking for the most beautiful homecoming flowers in these parts, you need look no further than Bagoy's Florist & Home.  Read More about Florals for the Homecoming Dance

Grandparents Day Flowers & Gifts

By Chanda Mines on August 26, 2017 in Grandparents Day. 0 Comments

Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends — and hardly ever our own grown children. ~Ruth Goode The bonds which are created when a new baby is born extend beyond parent and child. In fact, any grandparent will tell you that the relationships with their grandchildren are among the strongest they have ever experienced. But once parents become grandparents, studies also indicate that the relationship with their grown children improves as well - indicating that building a strong inter-generational connection is one of the best things you can do for your family. National Grandparents Day is a time set aside to recognize how important the older generations are to our legacy, and Grandparents Day flowers are a great way to celebrate. .  Read More about Grandparents Day Flowers & Gifts

September Birthday Arrangements & Flowers

By Chanda Mines on August 14, 2017 in Birthday. 0 Comments

Each month gives a birthstone and a birth flower the chance to shine - and in September, the honor goes to the sapphire and the aster. Whether you choose the vivid blue colors of the sapphire, or the stellar beauty of the fall aster, you can be sure that your September birthday arrangements will be exquisite. Not sure where to begin? Just give the floral designers at Bagoy's Florist & Home a call - we are happy to help. Read More about September Birthday Arrangements & Flowers

Sending Flowers Just Because

By Chanda Mines on August 7, 2017 in Flowers. 0 Comments

We all have a list of responsibilities and tasks to accomplish. There are many things that are required of us each day, and sometimes we can lose the joy and simplicity of life. The motivation behind National "Just Because Day", which is celebrated on August 27, is to slow down just a bit and to do something for no reason at all. Whether you take the day off "just because", invite friends over for dinner "just because", or send flowers to someone special "just because" - this day gives us a great opportunity to break out of our routine and do something out of the ordinary. And why not? Bagoy's Florist & Home provides flowers for special occasions all year long, but we love the spontaneity and joy of something done on a whim. You don't need a reason to send beautiful flowers this month - except to make someone happy!  Read More about Sending Flowers Just Because

Flowers for National Romance Month

By Chanda Mines on July 31, 2017 in Love & Romance. 0 Comments

Is there anything better than love and romance? We don't think so, and that is why we are so glad that August in National Romance Month - it gives us an opportunity to celebrate our sweethearts, significant others and spouses in the middle of summer. After all, who wants to wait until Valentine's Day? At Bagoy's Florist & Home, we always have the flowers and gifts you need to share your affection - and in honor of National Romance Month, we have pulled together some fun trivia sure to put you in the mood for love. Speaking of Valentine's Day: There are two towns in the United States named after the patron saint of romance - Valentine, Texas and Valentine, Nebraska. You can also choose to live in Love Valley (North Carolina), Loveland (Oklahoma) or Romeo (Colorado).  Read More about Flowers for National Romance Month

Flowers & Plants for College Dorms

By Chanda Mines on July 17, 2017 in Back to School. 0 Comments

Whether you are sending your student off to college for the first time - or they are anxiously looking forward to returning to campus life - a touch from home is always appreciated. The team at Bagoy's Florist & Home would love to help you to choose the perfect gifts and decor for college dorms. Depending on your child, you can choose from green plants, flowers, delicious gourmet snacks or unique gifts from our shop. Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure that they would love to receive an unexpected delivery to their dorm room. Leaving Anchorage? Even if your scholar is leaving Alaska to attend school, we can help you to send the perfect gift. Just come in and let's discuss it! Read More about Flowers & Plants for College Dorms