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Posted by bagoys on August 2, 2019 | Last Updated: August 6, 2019 Autumn Flowers Gifts Grandparents Day Holiday Plants

Gifts To Thank And Celebrate Grandparents

With Grandparents Day quickly approaching (on the first Sunday after Labor Day in September), it’s time to think about ways to acknowledge and thank grandparents for all they do for their grandchildren and the family as a whole. In particular, the bond between grandchildren and grandparents can be very strong and lead to lasting memories. Spending time together, creating gifts for one another and simply giving encouraging words and advice are all wonderful ways to bridge the generational gap.

To honor grandparents, have children choose a beautiful floral arrangement, long-lasting plant design, or special gift to be delivered directly to Nana and Papa on Grandparents Day.  The professionals at Bagoy’s Florist & Home are proud to deliver your special design anywhere in the Anchorage area, including nursing homes like Anchorage Pioneer Home, Atlas Home Care, Providence Horizon House, as well as residences in the area or in the lower 48. We have also come up with a few ways you and your family might enjoy spending time with your grandparents! 

Send Beautiful Blooms

 Brighten Grandma’s kitchen with Sunshowers, a gorgeous blend of vivid colors. Yellow Asiatic lilies, red and purple daisies, pink roses and more mingle for a bright, festive design grandparents will love. Send our fabulous Iris Lily to grandparents and brighten their whole day. Arranged in a rounded tall glass vase, these lovely yellow Asiatic lilies and fresh purple iris will bring a summertime spirit along with children’s bright energy. Have kids send a lovely and lasting indoor dish garden to thrill grandparents and show their love. Our Grand Green Garden is a celebration of beauty and nurturing relationships. 


Baking Day 

Organize a baking day in which children and grandparents spend time in the kitchen creating delicious treats. Bonus points for finding out that secret ingredient in Grandma‘s famous oatmeal cookie recipe! 


Doing crafts together is a wonderful way to find and build memories. Choose a craft like pressed flowers in stained glass for an easy, beautiful keepsake that both grandparents and grandchildren can use to remember such a fun day.


When grandparents host a sleepover with grandchildren, send pizza or breakfast items, children’s favorite movie or a bedtime story grandparents can read to the kids at the end of the night. Spending the night together is a great way for grandparents and grandchildren to learn more about one another. 

When you go the extra mile to have children and their grandparents spend time together, you’ll discover that bonding can happen rather quickly. Children love to know where they come from and who they’re related to. Grandparents love seeing the future walking around their home. Create times for grandparents and grandchildren to spend together and watch their relationship bloom. For more great ideas about what to send and how to celebrate grandparents in Anchorage, talk to the designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home. We’re here to make your Grandparents Day extra special this year.