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Posted by bagoys on November 6, 2017 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Fall Flowers Flowers Thanksgiving

Statement Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

November is one of our favorite times here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home. As we usher in the holidays (and the season’s rich, luxe blooms), there are so many occasions to design and deliver flowers for, we can hardly keep track. Dinners, parties, office events, community celebrations, school festivities – all of these require decor, and lucky for us, that’s often in the form of flowers. Holiday flowers are a big deal, not just for us, but for millions of people who will be using them on their tables this season or offering them as gifts.

But the biggest big deal of all is the Thanksgiving centerpiece. If ever there was a time to make a statement with flowers, it’s now.

A centerpiece is meant to be looked at again and again, from many angles, by many people. It has to be low enough to be unobtrusive – your guests need to be able make eye contact and talk over it – but it’s also got to be visually arresting. We favor stunners that make major use out of the season’s best flowers, like our Pheasant Hills design. This piece sweeps the table with sunflowers, lilies, orchids, autumn grains and a pheasant feather, for added texture and interest.

You’ll want something special for Thanksgiving when it comes to your centerpiece. After all, this is the time when we use the family china and bust out the heritage linens. Our centerpieces should be just as extraordinary and meaningful, which is artfully achieved by our Mama Maria.

Our beloved designer Maria put this tropical look together, making use of some unorthodox flower combinations in rustic hues to get all that texture, contrast and appeal.

Before you set the table this Thanksgiving, let us at Bagoy’s Florist & Home help you nail that completely perfect centerpiece.