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Posted by Chanda Mines on July 6, 2017 | Last Updated: February 3, 2020 Flowers Summer

Summer Hydrangea Designs


As they bloom from spring until early autumn, hydrangea are a perfect summer flower. As refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a warm day, the beautiful hydrangea blossoms are elegant, delicate, colorful and all-around gorgeous. Hydrangea are popular for bridal bouquets, birthday arrangements, and every occasion throughout the year – whether as an accompaniment to another flower, or on their own, their soft palettes and petals are truly ethereal. If you would like to fill your home with summer hydrangea, stop by to see us at Bagoy’s Florist & Home.

Did You Know? The 75 species of hydrangea grow virtually everywhere across the globe, from Asia to America. No wonder they are one of the world’s most cherished flowers. 

summer hydrangea

Summer hydrangea come in a range of colors from blue to pink. Oddly enough, the shade of each specific bush has to do with the aluminum ions in the soil, not the variety or species of plant. For instance, if the bush is growing in acidic soil (pH below 6), its flowers will be blue in color.  If the soil is more alkaline (pH above 7), flowers will be pink, and can even grow to resemble red. Amazingly, in neutral soil hydrangea can purple, pink, or blue, all growing next to each other on a single shrub.

Join the Club: There is an American society solely dedicated to celebrating appreciation for the beautiful hydrangea.
summer hydrangeaCelebrate warm sunny days and good times by filling your home with vases of summer hydrangea from Bagoy’s Florist & Home. You’ll love the carefree air that they bring to your decor, and the serene color palette is perfect for this time of year. But whether you choose a bunch of hydrangea or any of our other gorgeous summer flowers, you can’t go wrong by giving us a call. We have been proudly serving Anchorage for generations, and are dedicated to making your everyday world more beautiful.