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Posted by bagoys on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Flowers

These Are the Top 5 Flowers We’re Thankful For

At Bagoy’s Florist, serving Anchorage, flowers are always in-season and in-style. Our florists can attest to the year-round appeal of flowers. They’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also impart a variety of health benefits. Just being around flowers has the power to boost your mood, lower your stress, and improve your memory. Plus, flowers help ailing people to recover more quickly. When there are so many wonderful benefits of flowers, why wait for a special occasion or holiday to order?

Some of the Most Popular Flowers

Popular flowers gain their status among floral aficionados thanks to their unique beauty, color, fragrance, and symbolic meaning. Flowers go in and out fashion, and the most popular depend on where and when you live. For example, tulips were once so prized that they were used as currency in Holland. While we still love tulips, in today’s flower market, no one’s going to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a single bulb.

At Bagoy’s Florist, we love versatile blooms that create lovely, fragrant, and surprisingly beautiful bouquets.

1. Lily

Orange lillies with pink and red flowers

Flora Aurora

We put lilies at the top of our list because there are so many varieties and colors that the options for them are limitless. Their colors range from fiery orange in the tiger lily to blushing pinks, creamy whites, and the deepest purples in calla lilies. Depending on the type of lily in your bouquet, it could have different meanings, such as beauty, purity, sweetness, or passion.

2. Rose

assorted pink flowers in vase

Pink Celebration

We love roses! They’re classically beautiful, elegant, and are always in style. They bloom in seemingly endless colors and styles and also have a language of their own. Depending on the color of roses you choose, they’ll add a different symbolic meaning to your bouquet. Most people know that red roses symbolize romantic love, but other rose colors have their own meanings. For example, pink roses are reserved for gentle emotions, like admiration, and yellow roses are for friendship.

3. Hydrangea

blue and green flowers with pastel pink flowers


Hydrangea blooms feature big, snowball-like clusters of delicate flowers. They range in color from blushing pink and lavender to deep purples and blues. The hydrangea represents heartfelt emotions and gratitude for being understood, making them perfect in a bouquet for a best friend or confidant.

4. Tulips

red and yellow tulips in vase

Allure of Amsterdam

We love tulips for their bright colors, limitless varieties, and deep green stalks. Tulips symbolize a declaration of love, but their sunny colors also make them great for someone who needs a little warmth and cheer in their life.

5. King Protea

Pink protea with purple orchids and sunflowers and bird of paradise in vase

Secluded Paradise

One of our favorite flowers, the king protea, is a bit of an unusual choice, but we love them for their spiky, strange blooms. The king variety of protea features the largest blooms of all proteas and is a great way to add texture and surprising bursts of color to a bouquet. They’re available in peach, cream, yellows, pinks, and orange colors. The king protea not only has a powerful name, but it’s also a symbol of power, representing resourcefulness, daring, transformation, diversity, and courage.

What Your Favorite Flower Reveals About You

In addition to flowers carrying their own symbolic meanings, some also believe that a person’s favorite type of flower reveals something about their personality. For example, daffodil lovers are thought to be both artistic and good hosts. Those who prefer tulips also value their families. Rose lovers have a classic style and a romantic personality, while a preference for daisies reveals an optimistic spirit for adventure.

How Do I Order Flowers?

When choosing a floral arrangement for a special recipient, it’s a good idea to think about floral symbolism and what you want the flowers to say. If you’re not sure, we recommend reserving red roses for only romantic relationships and all-white bouquets for sympathy flowers. Then feel free to choose a bouquet that catches your eye or the colors you think your recipient will love most. With Bagoy’s Florist, ordering flowers is easy! We welcome you to shop online with the ability to send flowers to just about any location or to visit our flower shop for personal assistance from one of our professional florists.