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Posted by bagoys on January 16, 2015 Trends

Top 5 Flower Trends for 2015

Every year we look ahead at what the next big thing in flowers will be. Sometimes it is easy to see where that is coming from and other times it leaves us scratching our heads. Just like there are new color trends every year, there are also new flower trends that pop up. Here are the Top 5 Flower Trends for 2015.

Top 5 Flower Trends for 2015

1. Hail the Queen!

Everywhere you look in our society, from the love affair with Princess Kate to the pop culture phenomenon of Downtown Abby, you can see little bits of England. An English country look includes old time English Roses, Peonies (and Alaskan favorite!), ranunculus, and hydrangeas. These flowers are loosely bunched together in simple vases or used in hand-tied bridal bouquets.

2. Greenery is King!

Continuing from last year, the use of a lot of different greenery textures and colors is still going full force. Instead of using standard leatherleaf and salal, you might see mint, sage, and even succulents being used to accent arrangements. Finding local foliage is also very popular, especially in Alaska to add to both vase arrangements and to bridal work.

Mint & Sage Bout

3. Keep it simple!

A really big trend in 2015 is going back to simplicity. Instead of setting the guest table with your finest linens and china, keep the table uncovered and let the natural wood shine through. Set out a few candles with small jars of flowers like peonies or hydrangeas where one or two stems help create a simple, but elegant look.

4. Put Away the Rhinestones!

Over the last few years we have had rhinestones added to every floral arrangement imaginable. We’ve seen them in bridal bouquets and party work to people wanting them just because. They can still be used this year, but much more sparingly, mostly as accent pieces.

5. Bringing Home Flowers Just Because!

For hundreds of years people always had fresh flowers in the house. Then something happened over the last century where they were only brought home for special occasions. This year flowers will make their way back into the home even if it is just a small bud vase in the kitchen or restroom… having flowers in the home helps to lift people’s spirits and to smile.

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