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Where Do You Hang Out On Social?

Communication is key in any relationship. We want to be where you are and talk with you in the way that you want to be communicated with. That includes answering your phone calls or emails, connecting to you on Facebook. But did you also know that we are on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Who knew, right?

Where Do You Hang Out On Social

We deliver similarly, but different content on each of these social media platforms. On Pinterest for example, we love to create Boards for each season that not only include ideas for flowers but also recipes and other ways to make entertaining more fun and stress-free. Ok, stress-little!

Over on Instagram, we take photos of items in-store plus pics from when we are traveling around our beautiful state of Alaska.

Go ahead and give us a Tweet. We want to talk to you and learn about what’s going on in your world. On all these platforms we have started the hashtag #FlowerMyWorld. So when you see beautiful flowers whether in an arrangement or on the side of the road, tag it with #FlowerMyWorld.

Here are the links to find us out there in the ever-growing social world:

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 Is there a network that we are not on that you would like to communicate with us on? Let us know in the comments and will see if we can create a presence there as well.

Thank you for following us on this flower journey. You are the reason we are here and we appreciate each and every one of you.