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Posted by Chanda Mines on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: April 8, 2020 Flowers Holiday

World Peace Day in Alaska

There are many organizations dedicated to bringing about World Peace – but when Miami native Don Morris was inspired to start a new movement to inspire peace, he went a different route.

Not wanting to be affiliated with any governmental body or singular faith, “Peaceguy” instead dreamed of a grassroots effort; one that required individuals to take responsibility for bringing about peace.

The idea was that if peace was to achieved around the world, it needed to start at home – in families, workplaces, cities, and communities.

Where Did World Peace Day Come From?

Mr. Morris suggested several ways of observing World Peace Day, which is celebrated annually on November 17. From driving with headlights on, to sending origami birds to legislative leaders – participants do small things, hoping to effect big change. The unofficial song of the movement is “Give Peace a Chance”, by John Lennon; participants are urged to pray for world peace – in whatever form of prayer or meditation they ascribe to. But perhaps the most far-reaching and profound way to observe World Peace Day is the simplest – just be nice to one another. Strive for reconciliation with friends and family, and be kind to strangers.

What Flowers Are Good For World Peace Day?

In the language of flowers, white roses and lilies are commonly associated with grace and tranquility.

These exotic and elegant flowers are wonderful expressions of peace and serenity.

Green plants are also known to promote a peaceful atmosphere; while bamboo brings a zen-type aura to home or office.

Orchids are striking and beautiful; and greens, violet, and white are calming in nature.


On World Peace Day, the hope is that small, individual acts of peace will combine to one day see lasting peace on much larger levels.

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