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How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? A cozy evening at home with your sweetheart or a day of self-care doesn’t sound so bad, especially when you have a list of loving ideas from your friends at Bagoy’s, Anchorage’s best flower shop. You’ll hardly miss the crowded restaurants or noisy streets in town as you bask in the glory of relaxing at home. No matter what your plans are, enjoy a day full of love.

Seven Ideas For an Exciting Date-Night-In

Our Rose Garden is a dream of beauty! Our Designers choose the best-in-shop assorted colors of beautiful, long-stemmed, premium Roses to create this beautiful arrangement. Arranged with care and precision, this abundant array of soft-scents honor the ones you love.

Spread Love With Flowers

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Feel and spread love all around to your friends, family, and neighbors. Send gorgeous flowers to your single friends or anyone who might need to feel a little extra joy this year. You can even spoil yourself with your favorite blooms, like ourRose Garden.”

Movie and popcorn

Have a Romantic Movie Marathon

If you’re having a “me day” this Valentine’s, don’t let the romance slide away. Immerse yourself in a romantic movie marathon. Break out the mushy classics like “The Notebook,” “Roman Holiday,” or “Dirty Dancing.” Grab your tissues and get cozy on the couch while you live vicariously through these romantic love stories.

Couple's yoga class

Try a Couple’s Yoga Class

Relax and unwind today with your Valentine. If you haven’t tried yoga before, this is your chance to learn something new together. If you’re an avid yogi, then you know the positive effects the practice can have on your mood. Finding an online couple’s yoga class can be a fun and romantic way to start your at-home date.

Board games, dice, letters, dominos, piece, chips

Break Out the Board Games

If you loved playing board games as a kid, you’ll love them even more as an adult with your Valentine. Bring out your favorites like “Backgammon,” “Monopoly,” and “The Game of Life.” You can even get a little crazy with “Twister.” Whatever games you decide to lose yourselves in, enjoy some childlike entertainment and friendly competition.

Romantic wine and chocolates

Pair Your Favorite Wines and Chocolates

A classic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate from Bagoy’s. Since you’re celebrating from home this year, it’s time to go big! Find a few bottles of your favorite wine to pair with a delicious box of assorted chocolates. Enjoy wine tasting and chocolate pairing with your love from home. Don’t forget the romantic floral centerpiece for your table.

Bucket list, red pen, coffee mug

Write Your Bucket Lists

If you’ve never created your bucket list, here’s your chance to think as big or as wild as you want. Start your date by sharing your dreams with your Valentine. What have you always wanted to accomplish or do? See if your significant other has the same adventurous spirit and combine your lists to create a unique “couple’s bucket list” with things you plan to do together. You’ll have so much to look forward to.

Loving donations jar with coins and hearts

Make a Loving Donation

While you enjoy self-love and quality time with your Valentine, don’t forget to spread your love to others. Take a few minutes out of your day to show your admiration and gratitude to a special organization that speaks to your heart. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable by filling it to the brim with love.

From self-care to spreading kindness, or enjoying a day with your Valentine, this year is going to be special. Don’t miss an opportunity to stop and smell the roses from Bagoy’s as you enjoy spending time at home.