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Finding Hygge in Holiday Flower Bouquets

As the snow falls and we turn on the fireplaces in our homes and the bottoms of our Christmas trees twinkle amidst our favorite decor, we feel a warm comfort and ease in stress. Some people may define this feeling as “hygge,” a Danish tradition of experiencing comfort, observing our surroundings, showing gratitude for the simplicities of life, being present, and connecting with our loved ones. Especially during the holidays, we can find hygge around the family dinner table, as we stroll through the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights and decor, and while we curl up with a big blanket and a good book or cup of tea. Here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home, the number one floral shop in Anchorage, we also experience hygge through winter floral bouquets, whether in our own living room, in the center of a holiday dinner table, or as a gift to a loved one.

How Flowers Create Hygge

A spruce bouquet with red berries on a white kitchen table. Christmas decorations in the interior. The concept of preparing for the New year holiday.

Floral Bouquets Enhance Our Environment

When creating hygge in our environment, we want to incorporate things that make us feel comfortable, warm, and all-around cozy. A wonderful bouquet of winter flowers is sure to do the trick! With the colors of the winter season being expressed through delicate petals and natural greenery, an element of nature and its raw beauty is displayed right inside of our homes.

Christmas flower poinsettia with gift boxes on light table

Unique Blooms Help Us Communicate

Flowers certainly have their own language, from each bloom’s unique symbolism to the meaning of color and even the message being expressed by the sender. “Merry Christmas,” “happy holidays,” “I miss you,” “sending love,” and so much more can be said through a simple floral arrangement. As we send these expressions to loved ones through cheerful and joyous winter flowers, we also send a little bit of holiday hygge.

A woman decorates a Christmas arrangement with candles. Hands close-up. Master class on making decorative ornaments. Christmas decor with their own hands. The new year celebration. Flower shop

Flowers Can Inspire New Traditions

Finding hygge in the simple moments can often inspire or lead to new traditions. There are countless ways we can enjoy flowers with loved ones during the holiday season. From tending to a winter garden with family to picking out your favorite seasonal blooms with friends at your local floral shop, and sending a winter bouquet to a faraway loved one, to gifting your holiday host or hostess an arrangement for their centerpiece; however you celebrate this time of year with flowers, friends, and family, make it something you can all look forward to for years to come.

still life with interior details and flowers with peonies in the living room, the concept of home comfort and interior

Winter Stems Bring Us Peace

How do you feel when you look at a bouquet of flowers? As winter blooms make their way into our homes this year, their soft fragrances, white and red petals, luxurious greenery, and magnificent symbolism grants us peace. Finding peace, tranquility, and ease in stress can lead us to hygge. Find the perfect arrangement for a friend or even yourself to spread some harmony amidst the natural hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

beautiful young girl in a red dress at a window with a wreath on his head and a bouquet of flowers, enjoying the smell of flowers

Floral Arrangements Remind Us to Be Mindful

The final piece to the “hygge pie” is mindfully observing the things around you and appreciating the simplicity of everyday life. Have you been reminded recently to “stop and smell the flowers?” Winter blooms have an allure that captivates us and urges us to slow down to admire their natural beauty and stop to experience and enjoy their lovely fragrances.

Hygge can be described as “when the ordinary lights up your soul,” and here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we know our winter flowers and holiday arrangements do just that.