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Posted by bagoys on December 7, 2017 | Last Updated: July 23, 2021 Christmas Gifts Holiday

Gifts From Our Holiday Guide

Been to our store lately? If not, we welcome you in to see all of the goodies we’re working on, many of which can be found in our Holiday Gift Guide online. Bagoy’s Florist & Home is definitely trimming its shelves – both physical and virtual – and striving to offer a range of floral and decor gifts that not only reflect the season but bring new meaning to it. Bouquets especially have the ability to express so much, and that’s why we’re highlighting them in this week’s post.

When you give a gathering of flowers, you’re intimating that the person receiving them is as lovely and special as they are. You’re helping to create an atmosphere and a mood of appreciation, love and beauty. You’re tapping into an ancient tradition of giving that has lasted this long because, well, it works. For the holidays, we see gift-givers gravitating toward something like our Crimson Christmas, a heady mix of reds and burgundies as well as textures.

A stunner like the one above could work well for a loved one, though it could also stand as a holiday centerpiece. It’s possible to be both seasonal and romantic in flower designs, utilizing a color palette that offers vivid reds alongside snowy whites. Take our Tulips For Love, for instance. The tulips (yes, tulips are available in winter, too) bend beautifully from a bed of hydrangea, evoking romance.

Take it from us: there’s nothing like presenting that special someone with a romantic, evocative display of blooms as a holiday gift. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect one.