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Posted by Chanda Mines on January 28, 2016 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Flowers Valentine's Day

How to Give Meaningful Flowers to Your Beloved

From traditional roses to stylish orchids, bouquets of flowers carry so many personal meanings, particularly when they’re part of a gift for Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of millions of flowers are delivered each February to lucky recipients with at least 200 million roses arriving on doorsteps around the country for Valentine’s Day. Bagoy’s Florist will help you choose the perfect bouquet for your significant other this year.

The Many Faces of Tulips

Tulips are a gorgeous early spring flower and bloom early in the year after spending the winter under the ground. Stylish and classy, a vase of delicate tulips is the perfect gift for the love of your life. They’re the official flower of your 11th wedding anniversary, and their different colors also represent many of the classic emotions also symbolized by roses.

For example, you might want to give your mom pink tulips for familial love, a coworker yellow tulips for friendship, and a loved one red tulips for Valentine’s Day devotion. There aren’t many things more beautiful than a large vase of multicolored tulips, which might be the best way to surprise someone who usually gets the traditional red roses each year.

flower meanings
flower meanings
flower meanings

If Your Love is Like a Rose

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to traditions, and you’ll never go wrong with a big bouquet of roses for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. The simple beauty of a dozen red roses will infuse the cold days of February with warmth and love whether your recipient is your spouse or someone you only recently started dating.

If you’d like to stick with roses this year, but you’d like to find another color for your special day, you might want to choose a huge vase of pink roses. The dark greens and ferns that surround each pink rose look absolutely stunning and give classic red roses a run for their money.

Other Beautiful Symbols of Love

Beyond roses and tulips, two other popular yet unexpected flowers you may want to choose are orchids and lilies. You’ll often see lilies as part of an arrangement with roses, but they can also make a profound statement when given in just a few stems.

The beautiful aroma and vibrant sight of a vase full of white lilies is hard to beat. Likewise, a tall and regal orchid makes an incredible statement to your loved one of your loyalty, affection, and commitment.

Treat the choosing of flowers for your significant other this Valentine’s Day like an adventure. See how creative and colorful you can get by choosing abundant floral displays that inspire love, devotion, and adoration.