Thoughts of Spring no matter the weather.

Tulips represent good luck. Whether you are sending good luck in love, happiness, or just plain good fortune, this flower is a wonderful gift!

Favorites in Tulips



At Bagoy’s, every month is Tulip Season! Our buyer brings fresh tulips in from Holland and California, so we enjoy this perky flower year round.

Yes, our 10-pack special has been going on for more than 15 years now. This has always been a special feature at Bagoy’s, what’s new is that you can get them delivered too!

Though this can vary, typically, the darker or more intense colors last longer. Pale yellow and white are often more delicate and may drop their petals before their darker fellow blooms.

Keep in mind, tulips continue to grow and seek the sun, even after they are cut. If you prefer to keep the shape of your tulips controlled, trim stems 1-2 inches every few days. A fun trick is to place a penny in the vase to keep tulips straight.

We think tulip popularity in Alaska is due to the varied colors and types of tulips there are. They are a happy little flower, that have thick and attractive green leaves that make them easy to arrange, simply, in a vase and look great, without design skills. It could also be our Tulip 10-pack value deal that keeps us all in flowers and sharing the love.

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