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Mood-Boosting Plants and Blooms That Are Safe for Dogs and Cats

Flowers, plants, and fur babies all play a fantastic role in livening up our homes. As most dual plant/pet parents or gardeners with furry helpers will attest, making sure that the botanicals brought into your pet’s environment are safe and nontoxic can be a little stressful. So, to give you a hand and ease your stress when selecting your next houseplants and blooms, your friends here at Bagoy’s Florist, the number one flower shop in Anchorage, are sharing a short but sweet list of the best plants and flowers that are safe for your pets.

Safe Plants & Flowers for Pets

Boston Fern

While we highly recommend you do not bring home a Boston Fern with the intent of gifting it to Fido as a new toy, you can have peace of mind even as your playful pup or curious cat sneaks a few nibbles. Even though the foliage of a Boston Fern is harmless to pets, these greens do best as hanging plants where they can act as natural humidifiers. Be careful not to let these plants dry out, as they need humidity and indirect light to live a successful life. 

Watermelon Peperomia

The Peperomia species of plants include a lot of varieties with decorative leaves, but the Watermelon Peperomia type has one of the most striking patterns on their leaves which resemble the outside of a watermelon. Choose this one or another variety as Peperomia plants are safe for pets.


If their charming trumpet-shaped petals don’t capture your attention, their sweet fragrance sure will. Petunias are a top choice for homes of cats and dogs since they are non-poisonous to pets but also thrive while hanging in pots or whimsically cascading from a windowbox high above. These spring and summer blooms also make for stunning housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, or Mother’s Day gifts.


Known for their bright, bold, tropical hues, zinnias are one of the best flowers to brighten up any garden, home, or gloomy day. Pet parents love that these flowers require minimal care in addition to proving harmless to furry friends. Simply place them in a warm sunny spot and watch as their signature faces continue to blossom and open up as the days go on. 

African Violet

African Violets are a small yet sweet addition to brighten up any space, especially if displayed on your kitchen windowsill. As one of the most popular houseplants, these blooms have been cherished for centuries and bring a sense of charm, nostalgia, and childhood memories to those who remember them from their grandmother’s home. In the right environment, these pet-approved flowers have the ability to grace us with their presence and ruffled petals all year round.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Plants & Flowers

To protect your pets from harmful plants, stick the ones listed above that are safe for pets. Besides this, the best course of action is to keep your plants in a screened or cordoned-off area of your home. Even if a plant isn’t toxic to Fido or Fluffins, you still want to protect the plant from your furry friends, too. Hang them high in a planter, place them on top of bookshelves, or in a place that is out of reach to playful paws and over-enthusiastic puppies.