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Posted by bagoys on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: January 2, 2024 Flowers Valentine's Day

The Secret to Gifting Your Man Fresh Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Love is definitely in the air in Anchorage as Valentine’s Day draws near! If you’re still trying to decide how to surprise your man this year, our romance experts at Bagoy’s Florist & Home have the best ideas for gifting him with a bouquet of fresh and thoughtful flowers. More than a refreshing change, a floral arrangement will brighten any space with a pop of color and personality.

Did you know that 60% of men would love to receive a fresh bouquet of blooms every now and again, yet only 12% are ever gifted flowers? Studies also reveal that men often become more open and communicative when given flowers, making more direct eye contact and standing closer to their loved ones. So, if you’re hoping to turn up the romance this Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips for designing the perfect, one-of-a-kind arrangement for the number one guy in your life.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Collaborate with your local florist to curate a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement that will speak directly to your man’s heart. Your florist has the expertise to guide you toward the finest seasonal florals, while your knowledge of your partner’s style, personality, and favorite colors will inspire a truly personalized creation. Incorporate symbolic stems that communicate a heartwarming sentiment or blooms that will remind him of a special memory you share.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Men are naturally drawn to warm, vivid colors like red, orange, and yellow. Red blooms, especially red roses, are timeless icons of love and passion, ideal for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. Orange flowers symbolize vitality and enthusiasm, great for boosting his spirits or honoring his fun, energetic personality. Yellow stems, with their sunny, cheerful hues, represent the joy and positivity he brings to your life.

Select Contemporary Designs

Moving away from traditional floral designs, choose modern, minimalist floral arrangements for your guy this Valentine’s Day. Reflecting the sleek simplicity of contemporary art and architecture, these arrangements are typically monochromatic and sensational. Imagine the dignified lines of bamboo, the unique birds of paradise, or a single bloom like the striking red anthurium. Or emulate nature’s organic beauty. For the man who cannot spend enough time in the great outdoors, a bouquet mimicking the unspoiled charm of a meadow, complete with wildflowers, fresh greenery, and earth-colored florals, can be a meaningful choice.

Consider the Vase Choice

Believe it or not, vases play a crucial role in the overall appearance and sentiment of a flower arrangement. When choosing flowers for your man, selecting a bouquet that’s artfully arranged in a black or dark-colored vase, a wooden container, or a piece with a contemporary or minimalist design can create a strong, masculine look. These vessels will have character and class, much like his beloved leather jacket or sharp, well-fitted suit.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Show your partner how well you know them this Valentine’s Day by customizing their floral arrangement with a nod to their hobbies and passions. For instance, if he loves to play the guitar, consider wrapping string around the vase with a guitar pick attached. For a sports fan or coach, adding a keychain of his favorite team’s logo could be a winning touch. You can also pair the flowers with something that he can look forward to enjoying with you, like his favorite beverage, event tickets, or reservations to a new restaurant he’s been eager to try. These personalized elements highlight your attention to his lifestyle, support, and love.

If you’re not sure what to pick out for your guy this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! The experts at Bagoy’s Florist & Home are happy to offer personalized recommendations to ensure you find the best and brightest blooms that will sweep him off his feet.