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Posted by Chanda Mines on February 1, 2016 | Last Updated: February 3, 2020 Flowers Valentine's Day

Order All of Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, celebrating love, and showing your significant other how much you appreciate having them in your life. No matter what you have planned for Valentine’s Day — gifts, chocolates, dinner reservations, or a romantic activity — we recommend accenting the day with a gorgeous floral arrangement. Just be sure to order your Valentine’s Day flowers early because it’s the busiest day of the year for Bagoy’s Florist & Home and florists across the nation. 

Forever Sweetheart

Forever Sweetheart

Why Order Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day?


Flowers Are at Their Freshest

The flowers (and designers) are fresh and ready to create. Why have your flowers in a cooler waiting, when they can be on her desk for her to enjoy? Let her be the center of attention by being first!

No Need to Compromise

Millions of flowers will be delivered this Valentine’s Day, which means the most popular blooms and designs sell out fast. Ordering early will ensure you’re able to give the love of your life the best flowers, without having to settle for a different arrangement.

Celebrate the Whole Week

Having flowers delivered early means you’ll be able to celebrate your love and build up the romance in anticipation of February 14th, which conveniently falls on a Friday this year.

Lilies & roses

Romantic Lilies & Roses

Avoid Delays

With so many deliveries to be scheduled and made on the 14th, there’s not much room for scheduling a specific delivery time. If you want to catch your special someone at the office before they go to lunch or start a meeting, then it’s best to order early to make sure your flowers get an exciting reception and experience no delays.

Save Money

Before Valentine’s Day, flowers are often sold at a reduced price due to lower demand, leading up to the holiday. Ordering early will save you money. So, maybe saving money doesn’t seem like a big, romantic gesture, but you can use your extra cash to help pay for a fancy dinner or tickets to a romantic event.

48 Red Roses in Glass Vase

Red Roses

How Early Should You Order?

You can order flowers for Valentine’s Day as early as you first think about it. We start getting orders steadily mid-January, and our florists already have fresh, romantic designs ready for celebrating the holiday.

Why Order from Your Local Florist? 

If you have a mother or another special person who lives out of state, then we recommend using a florist that’s near your loved one. For Valentine’s Day, however, most people order from their local florist because their recipients either live in the same home or at least in the same city.

You know your local florist, and they know you, which means you can trust them to provide you with the absolute best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Ordering Valentine Flowers Online or Over the Phone

If you prefer to see your floral arrangement before choosing, we recommend ordering online. If you would rather be taken care of and guided, then we welcome you to call us or stop by Bagoy’s Florist & Home. Either way, shop away!