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Posted by bagoys on March 24, 2021 Carnations Flowers Orchids Peonies Plants Spring Tulips


Tis’ the season for spring cleaning! Whether you enjoy freshening up your home or get nervous at the thought of spending all that time cleaning, we have the best tips to help the process. Of course, your friends here at Bagoy’s Florist, the best flower shop in Anchorage, cannot complete a spring clean without utilizing the best spring flowers and plants. Add life to each room that will help purify the air, ease tension and stress, add a cheerful pop of color, and emit a pleasant scent to freshen up.

Refresh Your Kitchen

While the spring and Easter bunnies pop up in your decor or around the town, we want to eliminate the dust bunnies that have found their way into our homes. Finding the dust and dirt under the refrigerator and oven, and in the hard-to-see corners of the kitchen is often a nightmare to pick up with a broom or large vacuum. A simple trick to making sure these bunnies leave town for good is wetting your broom so the dust and dirt sticks easier. Then, vacuum your broom bristles and say “Au Revoir!” 

Refresh with Spring Flowers

Another way to refresh your kitchen is with a little help from Mother Nature herself. Bringing in a new green plant or spring flower arrangement brings fresh life into your kitchen. These plants and blooms can lift and boost your mood, ease stress and tension from the winter months, and help purify and clean the air for a truly refreshing feeling.

  • Peace Lily: Promote clean air and tranquility
  • Carnations: Sure to bring good luck for the new season
  • Tulips: Classic spring flower to boost your mood
  • Eucalyptus: Believed to remove negative energy

Reorganize Your Bathroom

To save time while you spring clean, reorganize and toss out items while you scrub each shelf, nook, and cranny. A decluttered and clean bathroom helps you feel fresh and clean while you get yourself ready for the day. Make sure to throw away expired skincare, old medicines, and leaking bottles. Save your torn or fraying towels for cleaning rags. Finally, pull your sunscreen and aloe to the front where you can easily reach for it when the spring sunshine finally arrives.

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

Bringing in fresh flowers to your bathroom does more than add a pop of color. Whether displayed on a windowsill or on your newly organized vanity, spring flowers give a fresh scent and spark of joy as you walk into the bathroom.

  • Daffodils: Brighten the ambiance in your bathroom
  • Gerbera Daisies: Promote joy in everyday life
  • Sunflowers: A sunny symbol of peace and hope
  • Hyacinths: Symbolize beauty, happiness, and love

Refine Your Bedroom

Spring cleaning and decluttering your bedroom isn’t complete without tackling your wardrobe. But what about the rest of your room? Refine the space that’s said to be one of the most important rooms in your home by making it the relaxing and calming oasis you need to rest and recharge. Borrowed from the practice of feng shui, it’s always good to declutter underneath your bed and position it away from the door. Remove pictures and artwork from the tops of your nightstand and dressers, and finally get around to hanging them on the wall. Hang curtains high and wide to help take up more wall space and make your windows look grand.

Refine with Spring Flowers

There’s nothing like a bouquet of spring flowers to refine your bedroom with a colorful and personal touch. Display elegant blooms on your newly cleared nightstand or dresser for an added layer of calmness and positive energy. We love these select flowers to bring new life into the bedroom.

  • Sweet Peas: A sweet fragrance to lift your mood
  • Peonies: The perfect spring bloom symbolizing rebirth and good luck
  • Hydrangea: Promotes a peaceful and harmonious sleep
  • Orchids: Refine your bedroom with elegance

Spring has sprung, and the beautiful spring blooms are ready to come home. Elevate your space by adding this living pop of color to your home. Feel refreshed and refined as you admire their lovely fragrances, serene feeling, and colors to brighten your decor. Purchase your favorite seasonal blooms here at Bagoy’s Florist.