Spring Flowers

When Spring Fever hits, flower their world!

Alaskans crave the beauty of spring! Add color to their snow-filled day by sending all the beauty of the sun, with promises of green-grass and flower-garden days. Spring flowers make the magic!

Favorites in Spring Flowers

Bagoy's sensational spring florals are a delight to give and to receive. Delicate colors and fragrant blooms are a sweet way to commemorate the occasions of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most desired spring flowers in Anchorage?

🌷 We would have to say Tulips. This could be due to Bagoy’s ability to get tulips year-round, and the fact that they are simple to arrange, always look good and bring joy to so many.

Do you carry Daffodils?

🌼 We do carry daffodils for a short window in spring, typically mid to late March. Outside of that window, Bagoy’s can seek special order daffodils for you

What are popular spring flowers?

🌷 Lilacs, tulips, daffodils, crocus, peonies, and cherry blossoms bring visions of spring to the lower 48 states. In Alaska, we favor tulips, iris, hydrangea, gladiolus, and all budding branches including cherry blossoms, curly willow, and quince.

What colors are considered Spring colors?

🌼 Pastels of pink, lavender, yellow, green, and blue are soft, and most favored around Easter. Alaskans, who are typically tired of a long winter, love bold and vibrant colors of hot pink, purple, bold yellow, lime green, orange, and white for the spring season.

Are peonies available (in Alaska) for Spring?

🌷 Yes! We import peonies from around the world as early as March. Then, we buy our peony varieties from local growers as soon as they become available, which is typically early July through early September.

A Word from Our Customers