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Posted by bagoys on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flower Power Plants

Seasonal Winter Plants We Love

As winter sets in, the cold weather and short, dark days can put a damper on spirits. But they don’t have to when you fill your home with beautiful winter plants. While a thriving spring garden is still a few months away, spend time indoors caring for any of the many varieties of plants and blooms that thrive in winter. The floral designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home have several winter plants we’re excited to share with you. Find something you love and enjoy beautiful plant life all year long.

Colorful Bromeliads


These tropical flowers make great indoor plants in the wintertime. With bright blooms and thick leaves, they bring warmth to any room. Plus, bromeliads tend to lie dormant in the winter months, which means they require very little water during this season. What a great gift to send a friend or loved one during this season!

easy care, 'best in house' tropical plants

Dish Gardens

A basketful of leafy foliage can be a welcomed bright spot during colder, darker months. Our Grinch Garden is a fun twist on indoor winter plants, with a cheerful abundance of living greenery in a dish garden assortment. The best indoor and easy-care plants are chosen for this design, making it a great gift, even for someone who lacks a green thumb.

Pothos Plant


Not only does a thriving green Pothos plant look great, but it also has air-purifying qualities, making it a great indoor plant choice for winter months! These bright green variegated leaves, as seen in our Powerhouse Pothos plant, require little care and limited lighting, so they’ll look great and freshen your home all season long.

White Amaryllis in vase


The big, showy blooms of the amaryllis can cheer any room in the winter months. With occasional watering when needed and repotting with plant food as cooler weather sets in, your amaryllis will thrive year-round, blooming over and over. Our Sweet Amaryllis is holiday-ready, with festive winter accents like pinecones and holly. Keep indoors near a sunny window to enjoy colorful blooms all season.

Christmas Cactus with Pink Flowers

Christmas Cactus

This indoor plant makes a great gift because it’s easy to care for and can thrive in moderate indoor conditions. Grow in loose soil that stays moist but not soggy and watch for colorful blooms to explode at the tips regularly when placed in a sunny spot.

Choose indoor plants and flowers that will hold up and even thrive throughout the winter months. These amazing plants will deliver health benefits and lift spirits. When you can’t just take a walk through a garden, bring the garden indoors to you! To learn more about the best winter plants, talk to the floral experts at Bagoy’s Florist & Home. We love sharing our favorites with you and helping you find a new favorite of your own!