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Posted by Chanda Mines on March 31, 2016 | Last Updated: January 30, 2023 Flowers Spring

Using Flowers to Fill Your Home With the Look and Feel of Spring

spring flowersThere’s no way around it. Alaska winters feel like they drag on forever. Even though the extent to which Anchorage experiences Perma Frost is isolated, you always have to plan for the rapid weather change. Because it’s so difficult to grow spring flowers in Alaska, we think it’s important that our customers be able to enjoy them in their homes.

Tulips are virtually synonymous with spring. Nothing captures the warmth and brightness of spring as successfully as tulips do. Our Touch of Tulips will fill your home with a colorful display of the season.

spring flowersIf you can’t decide on tulip color, you don’t have to make a choice. Our Tulips Together arrangement consists of three bunches of tulips. The rectangular vase allows us to keep each bunch of 10 tulips together. Place it on a dining room table, a console table, on a shelf, or even a fireplace mantel. This simple, but elegant floral design. We’re confident it will fill your home with a badly needed feeling of spring.

If the lack of sunshine is depressing you (it depresses us), our Golden Sun arrangement will cheer you up and infuse your home or office with the feeling of a bright, sunny day. The delightful design elevates yellow tulips to a more sophisticated level.

spring flowers spring flowers

A monochromatic color palette doesn’t have to be boring, and it certainly wasn’t uninspiring when we chose white for our City Girl arrangement. The design uses Tulips, Calla lilies, and pure white hydrangeas. We add tropical greenery for contrast and interest. For a decorative touch, and an interesting accent, we created an arch out of bear grass.
spring flowers
In the Southern part of the United States, flower lovers willingly admit that Azaleas are at the top of their list of flowers that they absolutely must have. Although they become large shrubs when they mature, their size hasn’t stopped hardcore enthusiasts from growing them – indoors when necessary. Our Azalea Plant comes in a decorative pot so you can enjoy the warmth and enticing fragrance of these beautiful flowers.

Don’t wait to fill your home with spring flowers and flowering plants. The Bagoy’s Florist design team is eager to help you transform your home into a Spring paradise that lets you escape from cold weather as you retreat to your sanctuary.