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Bagoy’s Guide to Orchids

The stunning beauty of an orchid plant is hard to deny. They are unlike most other flowering plants due to their gorgeous and perfectly symmetrical blossoms. What once used to be high-priced and out of reach for most people has now become easily obtainable and affordable. This in no way lessens the magnificence and elegance of an orchid, though. Here at Bagoy’s Florist, the best flower shop in Anchorage, flower shop, we love all the different orchids and the vast array of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes they come in. Orchids make a wonderful gift for any occasion and, contrary to popular belief, they are relatively easy to maintain. To discover more about the beautiful orchid, check out our orchid-related blog posts below.

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🌿 Plant Care Guides 🌿

Here are Bagoy’s Florist & Home we are committed to keeping your plants alive, healthy, and glowing for years to come! We’ve gathered on this page some of our most popular guidelines about caring for plants.

All About Orchids! Tips and Tricks for Your Favorite Plants!

ndigenous to every continent except Antarctica, orchids do no less than dazzle admirers worldwide with thousands of varieties, an array of vibrant colors, lush leaves, and uniquely striking forms.

🍀 7 Plants and Flowers that Bring Luck & Fortune into Your Home

It never hurts to take a few extra safeguards to ensure this new year is better than last year, right? So why not boost your good luck quotient by bringing in flowers and plants which are known for their luck-boosting qualities?

Which Flowers Are the Most Fragrant?

Flowers are truly remarkable – not only are they gorgeous, delicate, colorful, unique, and ephemeral, but they also have amazing scents we just can’t get enough of.

How to Make Sure Your Houseplants Get Enough Light

Besides, water and air, light is a necessary element for plants to thrive. Light is basically food for plants and when they don’t get enough, they are no longer thriving.

A Guide to Sending Flowers to Someone in the Hospital

There’s nothing better than a bright and cheery floral bouquet to lift someone’s spirits, especially if they are recovering from an injury or illness in the hospital.

Earth Day’s Bountiful, Bright Flowers

There are lots of things you can do to celebrate Earth Day this April 22. You can participate in walks and parades, massive clean-up efforts, recycling drives, hikes, plantings and tons of other environmental education events.

Flowers & Plants for College Dorms

Whether you are sending your student off to college for the first time – or they are anxiously looking forward to returning to campus life – a touch from home is always appreciated.

Corsages for Mother’s Day & Prom

Memorable occasions are made even more special when you include flowers and long-standing traditions. During the spring, one such tradition is the wearing of corsages for proms, Mother’s Day, or graduations.

Keeping Indoor Plants Happy and Healthy

While it might be easier to have one set of rules for how to care for them, we have to admit we love the diversity that indoor green or blooming plants provide.

How to Give Meaningful Flowers to Your Beloved

From traditional roses to stylish orchids, bouquets of flowers carry so many personal meanings, particularly when they’re part of a gift for Valentine’s Day.