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Summer Peonies

Henry Mitchell, an American writer, called peonies “the fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty”. Peonies, native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America, have many meanings and legends in their… Read More about Summer Peonies »
Posted by Chanda Mines on June 11, 2015 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Flowers Peonies Summer

Guide to Evergreens

There are so many types of evergreen. Whether you are looking for the dramatic whispy folds of a cedar tree, the elegant full blooms of Douglas Fir Swag, or the stiff blue-green needles of a Scotch Pine, we can help… Read More about Guide to Evergreens »
Posted by bagoys on December 9, 2014 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Holiday