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Meet Maria, Bagoy’s Floral Designer

Floral Design Day began as an homage to Carl Rittner, founder of the Rittner School of Floral Design in Boston. The legendary educator was widely known as the father of floral design, and his legacy is seen and felt throughout the industry, even after 60 years. In order to recognize the day in a special way, Bagoy's Florist & Home would like to introduce you to our very own Maria. As our Lead Floral Designer, she exudes the dedication to her craft and artistic talent which is indicative of the spirit behind Floral Design Day. Read More about Meet Maria, Bagoy’s Floral Designer »
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Women’s Day Around the Globe

International Women's Day is a global recognition of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Observed since in the early 1900's, the movement recognizes that no one government, charity, corporation, academic institution, or women's network "owns" this initiative, but rather it is a collective effort of like-minded people around the world who seek justice and equality for women everywhere.  International Women's Day celebrates unity, encourages reflection, strengthens advocacy and inspires action. Get Social: On March 8, all people, men and women alike, are encouraged to get involved in events both on the local level and the global stage.Be sure to tell the world of your efforts, by tagging your social media posts with #BeBoldforChange. Read More about Women’s Day Around the Globe »
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Random Acts of Kindness Spread the Joy

This February 17th marks the 17th annual celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, an opportunity to show kindness in small, meaningful ways to both friends and strangers. At Bagoy's Florist & Home, we value expressions of kindness every day - and strive to do our part to spread the joy across Anchorage. As you consider how you can participate in this year's celebration of compassion and generosity, we are here to help you choose the perfect gift or bouquet. "Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness".  - Lucius Seneca Read More about Random Acts of Kindness Spread the Joy »
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Celebrating National Wedding Month

Every year, an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the US - and this month, we celebrate them all! According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is National Wedding Month. While this month may seem an odd choice - it is not the most popular month for weddings, especially in Anchorage - there are several reasons that February was chosen. Did You Know? Here in Alaska, our stunning natural scenery inspires outdoor wedding venues, meaning that June through August are peak times to celebrate nuptials.  Read More about Celebrating National Wedding Month »
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Celebrate Every Special Valentine in Your Life

The adventure continues this week, as we share some of our favorite customer stories. While Valentine's Day is often considered a day for sweethearts and romance, many thoughtful people also take the opportunity to share love with all of the people in their life who have touched their heart and made a difference. This is a day to celebrate all the people who add love to our lives- and Bagoy's Florist & Home is privileged to have been a part of so many stories. Here are just a few of the tales from your friends and neighbors in Anchorage - who can you surprise on Valentine's Day?  Read More about Celebrate Every Special Valentine in Your Life »
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Sharing Love is the Adventure – Your Stories

Being in the floral design business, Bagoy's Florist and Home has the great privilege of witnessing so many great stories. From welcoming home a deployed soldier to sending flowers to grandma in rural Alaska - we enjoy being a part of your stories every day. But on Valentine's Day, the stories can be especially sweet, as romance adds the key ingredient to some spectacular love stories. Valentine's Day is next month, and we thought we would start sharing love right now, with stories from our clients to inspire and warm your heart. We work diligently each and every day to provide you with the personal touch of our floral designers and the exquisite beauty of our fresh flowers, and you have graciously shared how we became a part of your love story! Read More about Sharing Love is the Adventure – Your Stories »
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Fighting SAD with Beautiful Flowers

For those of us living in the Anchorage area, winter means noticeably shorter days and longer, colder nights. For many people, this can mean onset of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that recurs seasonally, with its most severe symptoms occurring in the depth of winter. The disruption of circadian rhythms, as well as a drop in serotonin and melatonin levels, can lead to difficulty sleeping (or oversleeping), anxiety, fatigue, irritability, social withdrawal, hopelessness, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness.  The disorder may be a fact of life for many people in Alaska, but there are ways to combat the syndrome. At Bagoy's Flowers & Home, we believe in the power of flowers to combat sadness, and we have science on our side. Read More about Fighting SAD with Beautiful Flowers »
Posted by Chanda Mines on December 31, 2016 | Last Updated: February 1, 2022 Flower Power Flowers

Birthstones as Floral Inspiration

The new year is finally here, with twelve months of birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions lining up to take place. Birthdays are one of the most common - yet treasured - celebrations that we observe with family, friends, and colleagues. Traditionally, each month of the year has a birthstone is associated with it, and these birthstones are often the inspiration for beautiful birthday bouquets. In January, the birthstone is the garnet, a stone which comes in a range of colors but for this month is a deep red. If you are looking for a unique way to honor your loved ones on their special day, trust Bagoy's Florist and Home. Birthstones are believed to have originated with the Biblical tribes of Israel. The high priest Aaron wore a breastplate which was comprised of twelve gemstones (which stood for the twelve tribes). Although the list of birthstones has changed many times, the current list has been active since 1912.  There are many legends and myths about the therapeutic properties of birthstones, which state that wearing a gemstone during the appropriate month gives you the most insight and power. Many ancients owned one of each stone so as to wear the correct gem each month. Read More about Birthstones as Floral Inspiration »
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