Our History

Grown From a Greenhouse Over a Century Ago

As the baton was passed from family to family throughout the century, the legacy of Bagoy's Florist & Home continued to build. Thanks to the community of Anchorage, the strength of family, and the commitment to honor the original owners, Bagoy's Florist & Home proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022. Grandma Bagoy would be so proud!

When people walk into Bagoy's Florist & Home today, they become a part of our 100+-year-old story. We're a legacy shop built over a century ago by a family network. In 1922, that family was John and Marie Bagoy, a couple of green thumbs whose backyard greenhouse supplied their family with vegetables.

Soon enough, enticed by the fresh produce, the neighbors came calling, and John and Marie obliged. They also began growing bedding plants and flowers, determined to keep up with demand. Marie started designing arrangements for all occasions that still matter much today- births, weddings, funerals, etc. When she couldn't use fresh flowers in the winter, she created paper ones. The Bagoys even shipped potted plants to Seattle, which resulted in a line of people up the street, anxious to claim their pot.

Marie Bagoy's sacrifices and commitment to her community brought nothing but beauty to the state of Alaska through the most brilliant blooms and fresh plants. Navigating over 100 years of business didn't come without devastation, natural disaster, and heartbreak, but with the help of uplifting plants and colorful flowers at hand, Bagoy's Florist & Home continued to flourish.

Flowers Through the Generations

After John Bagoy's death in 1940, daughter Mary and son-in-law Otto stepped in to help Marie. Though the shop operated out of the family home, there were now fly-by-night pilots hauling fresh-cut flowers and blooming plants to Bagoy's. To accommodate the shop's success, the home was remodeled, and Mary went to floral school, eventually purchasing the business with Otto.

The 60s saw more expansion and heartbreak. The Good Friday Earthquake devastated the shop's new location, so Bagoy's settled into a nearby garage. Before the decade was over, the floral shop was passed into the hands of Felix and Jennie Gay. The Gays added a second shop at the height of the oil boom, then sold the business to Paul and Carol Humphrey in 1980.

The Humphreys had previously run an art gallery combined with a flower shop - a fitting hybrid if ever there was one - and for a time, Bagoy's had "Gallery of Flowers and Fine Art" after its venerable name. Paul and Carol's daughter, Chanda, and her husband, Randy Mines, assumed ownership of Bagoy's Florist & Home until 2022.

As retirement drew near for Chanda and Randy, and they began looking forward to becoming full-time grandparents, a dear friend introduced them to a local Alaskan banker for expert advice and assistance. After a few meetings with the lifelong Alaskan pair Adam and Kristen, Chanda and Randy decided to pass the baton of owning Bagoy's Florist & Home to the next generation and family.

The more Adam and Kristen learned about Bagoy's, between its rich history and strong ties to the community, the more they wanted to become a part of its legacy as a mainstay in Anchorage. It didn't take long before the husband-and-wife team committed to continuing the tradition of Bagoy's, always being there for friends and neighbors during some of the most critical moments in their lives.

With over 100 years of growth, Bagoy's Florist & Home has come a long way. In its early years, shipments of fresh flowers were few and far between. Today, the floral shop receives daily deliveries of fresh blooms from around the world. As perishable items, these flowers are handled by careful hands that clean, pack, ship, unpack, hydrate, arrange, and deliver them safely to your home.

What remains the same is our commitment to serving the Anchorage community and working with local growers-whose blooms we adore, love, and crave. It's a labor of love to ensure each of these flowers not only survive Alaska's extreme weather conditions and large animals but is immaculate as they reach their destination. A lot of heart goes into these blooms.

Multiple generations, four families, over 100 years, but always Bagoy's.