Prom & Dance Flowers

Custom Made Floral Perfection To Make Your Night Magical!

As we strive for perfection, if a trim or color is not available our Designers will choose the most complimentary option.

Favorites in Prom & Dance Flowers

Flowers to wear for your memorable events! Please inquire for custom designs, presentation bouquets or graduation leis.

Proms are back! Express your fabulous style with matching colors or make your outfit POP with complementary colors! Wearable flowers are the finishing touch to every fabulous gown, dress, suit, or tux.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flowers for prom still popular?

Absolutely and more than ever! After years without proms due to COVID, it appears that students are preparing to make their prom epic by going all out.

Who wears what flowers at prom?

Traditionally, the girl wore the corsage on her wrist, the guy a boutonnière on his lapel. Today, the options are open on who wears what! 

What's new in prom flowers?

So many new options are being presented in 2022, with floral pocket squares, floral crowns, corsages of eclectic garden blooms, and floral rings for fingers.

How do you decide what flowers to get for prom?

Deciding on colors, or a theme helps decide on what flowers to request. Traditions lead toward roses, while the adventuresome go for orchids, blooms with texture, and even small succulents! 

What's hot in 2022 prom trends?

Complimentary colors are making a splash over ‘matching’ to the dress or all white flowers. For the trendsetter, a crown, floral pocket square, and floral ring will be the thing to wear.

A Word from Our Customers