Anniversary Flowers

Every year is worth celebrating, from the first to forever

Celebrate each amazing year with Bagoy's collection of radiant roses and beautiful blooms! Flowers are a wonderful way to bring additional love and romance to your anniversary.  From year one, and beyond, we have the perfect floral arrangement for you.

Favorites in Anniversary

Show them you would say, "I do" all over again with a beautiful Anniversary Gift, hand-delivered by Bagoy's Florist.  Our local Anchorage AK flower shops offer nationwide delivery so you can send roses or an anniversary flower bouquet to a couple celebrating their special day near or far.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers are best for an Anniversary?

🌹 The most popular floral gift by far, is a dozen or more, red roses as they represent true love. Many will order a rose per year, or after 12 years, jump to 18, 24, or 36 until they reach 50 years and then order a rose per year again.

If not roses, what flower is recommended?

🌹 Bagoy’s recommends a romantic mix of pink, red, white, and purple, as they are rich in color and also represent romance. For those that love spring flowers, a colorful mix is also beautiful.

Why do my roses look so bloomed?

🌹 Roses today are bred for high petal count. They will arrive in a more open state than of roses past. This simply means they will give you a fuller look without losing out on longevity.

Do you offer a guarantee on your roses?

🌹 Yes. Bagoy’s wants you happy and is available 7-days a week to offer flower care tips. In the event your flowers are not looking well, call us immediately, or within 5 days and we will work with you to arrange for a refreshing or replacement of your arrangement.

What are the dark edges on some of the rose petals?

🌹 Those are natural coloring on the thick, outer petals of roses. ‘Guard petals’ protect the more delicate, inner petals and are often considered to slow the blooming process. These petals may be peeled off to reveal a pure colored petal, without harm to your rose.

What flower symbolizes an anniversary?

Roses, especially long-stemmed red roses, are the classic choice for celebrating an anniversary. Some of our other favorite anniversary flower varieties are lilies (representing majesty), orchids (representing ecstasy), gerbera daisies (representing love and loyalty), and hydrangeas (representing heartfelt sentiments).

What color are anniversary flowers?

Red flowers symbolize romance and love, which makes them perfect for celebrating an anniversary. Other popular choices for anniversary flowers include pink (for desire and joy), purple (for elegance and success), and white (for innocence and purity).

What color roses are for an anniversary?

Our favorite roses for celebrating an anniversary are red roses. Red roses symbolize passionate love and send a clear message: "I love you!". You may also consider sending a mixed bouquet of red roses, pink roses, white roses, and purple roses (or any combination thereof) to symbolize love, desire, and the wish for many more happy years ahead!

Are white roses good for an anniversary?

Of course! White roses are appropriate for celebrating an anniversary with your loved one. White roses are often paired with red and/or pink roses in an anniversary bouquet but can also be sent in a monochromatic arrangement with complementary greenery.

What gift represents each year of marriage? What flowers should you send for a milestone anniversary?

Anniversary gifts are rooted in tradition, with each year of marriage being represented by a different theme for gifting. Here are the traditional gifting themes for each year of marriage, along with our recommended flower bouquets to send in representation of those traditions.

Year 1: Paper. Send flowers that represent the fragility and beauty of marriage. Opt for delicate orchids, peonies, or ranunculus.

Year 2: Cotton. May we recommend a monochromatic arrangement filled with white hydrangeas, roses, and lilies?

Year 3: Leather. Opt for sending a chic arrangement that leans more modern than traditional.

Year 4: Fruit or Flowers. Why not spoil your loved one with both? Choose a gift basket paired with a bouquet of their favorite blooms.

Year 5: Wood. Evoke the spirit of this year's anniversary with a hardy flowering plant, or go exotic with a tropical mixed bouquet.

Year 10: Tin or Aluminum. Strength and flexibility are represented in a bouquet featuring larkspur, snapdragons or stock.

Year 15: Crystal. Any of your recipient's favorite flowers will do for a 15-year anniversary. Just be sure to pair them with a bottle of champagne!

Year 20: Fine China. Choose a luxurious bouquet overflowing with fine flowers. Variety doesn't matter – but make it big!

Year 30: Pearls. Elegant calla lilies in creamy white make a great gift for a 30th anniversary.

Year 40: Ruby. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses to represent your 40th year together!

Year 50: Gold. A bright and brilliant bouquet with sunflowers at its center is sure to light up the room.

Year 60: Diamond. Send your recipient's favorite flowers in a gorgeous upgraded vase, decked out in crystals or metallic accents. 

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