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Thoughtful, healing, and caring gifts to show your love

Our bodies are a gift, treat them well with simple self-care and healthy rituals. Our collection of products is pure, from small vendors, and tested & approved by us, your Bagoy's Family. xo

Favorites in Spa & Wellness


What are good spa gifts?

The best home-spa gifts are natural soaps, bath soaks, and scented candles. We also recommend our natural scrub brushes, followed by shea body butter or body oil.

Can I give men spa gifts?

Yes! We have a dedicated selection for our men. European Sopas makes an amazing assortment of soaps on rope, body and beard oils as well as a manly hand cream. We carry these items and grooming tools year-round.

Are spa gift baskets good for women?

Every woman loves to feel pampered and at-home spa kits are perfect to indulge in their time. We offer many thoughtful packages of high-quality pampering products including lotions, soaps, loofahs, oils, candles and relaxation gifts..

Is a spa set a good source of self-care?

Absolutely! More often we forget to care for ourselves, and bath or relaxation rituals help in healing and general self-care. We curate a package of wellness gifts that are not only pretty but soothing and nurturing.

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