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Wedding flower packages simplify your planning process and are customizable to your needs.

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Can I customize a package?

Yes. You can tweak a color, alter the bouquet shape or add a favorite flower. Some adjustments may result in an additional cost, but it’s your wedding and we want it perfect for you!

Do you provide wedding flower delivery and set up?

Yes, as a full-service Florist, we can provide you with delivery, and an on-site Designer for decorating & set-up. For larger weddings like this, we recommend meeting with our Wedding Designer for a complimentary consultation so that every detail is planned and perfected.

How will I transport my flowers for a Destination Wedding?

Simply let us know your route; small plane, driving, etc. We will protect, insulate (in winter), and box your flowers for transport. We use a wet-pack system for shipments and provide up-cycled vases for road trips, so your flowers arrive fresh and perfect for your photos.

We’re getting married today, can I still get flowers?

Yes you can! Spontaneity is exciting and we can create at a moment's notice for you! Every Bride needs flowers and we’re here to make sure you have yours.

How do I preserve my flowers after the wedding?

We recommend a drying process using Silica Gel. This is a drying powder that can be purchased at craft stores. If you have questions about specific flowers, call us. Roses dry beautifully and we can let you know what type of success you can hope for with other varieties.

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