Tropical Designs

Dramatic fresh-cut flowers ripe for gifting.

Alaskans love for the tropics can be delivered with any of these stunning selections. Bagoy's seeks the best blooms and ships direct to Anchorage. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun with these long-lasting and dramatic blooms.


Vivid birds of paradise, intricate orchids and lush greenery inspire the essence of sunny days and warm breezes. Bagoy's tropical temptations make a perfect birthday, get well or housewarming gift, or just to brighten their day!




Alaskans have a love affair with Hawaii and tropical floral designs bring an instant ‘Aloha’ with every order. The nature of each bloom is quite dramatic, and that’s how we design them, to allow each flower to be showcased, making them a unique choice for so many occasions.

The majority of our tropical flowers come fresh, direct from Hawaii, in assorted combinations, every week.

Care is quite simple. Tropical flowers are similar to all cut flowers, in the fact that they need fresh water. Using a preservative in the water helps to fight bacteria growth. Misting your flowers daily and recutting the stems every 2-3 days will also help extend the life of your flowers.

Here in Alaska, the Dendrobium Orchid is most commonly used. The reason for this is that they are available in multiple colors, last long and accent so beautifully with many flowers and floral styles. Next in line would be the Bird of Paradise as it has such flair, longevity, and beauty.

Absolutely, yes. Due to the bold colors and solid shapes of tropical flowers, each design tends to look structural. There is a beautiful art form that is achieved when designing with tropical flowers and leaves which men find very appealing. Men love to receive flowers too, and our easy-care, tropical designs are often favored the most.

A Word from Our Customers