Just Because

The best reason to send flowers is no reason at all

Receiving flowers, especially unexpectedly, is one of life's most magical moments! Share your thoughts, send encouragement, let them know they are loved...and melt their heart with a delivery today.

Favorites in Just Because

You don't need a special occasion or holiday to send someone beautiful flowers! Our designers have created elegant floral bouquets and gifts to give to that special someone "Just Because!"




Flowers represent the impractical and have the ability to stop time. They are a gift of the heart and represent a moment, or more surprising, ‘just because’. A flower delivery is unexpected, beautiful, and memorable.

The simple nature behind sending flowers for no reason is a welcomed surprise. The size of the arrangement, colors of flowers depend on the impact or statement you want to make. Think in terms of how you would imagine the recipient to react…Something compact, in soft colors, may give a sense of peace or serenity, while a vibrant arrangement may bring excitement and energy to their day.

Flowers ‘just because’, are just that. You thought of them, you want to surprise them, you miss them or you recognize that they should be honored for all that they do.

Absolutely, yes. We are ready at any point to make your order happen. We’re open 7-days a week and even offer an expedited delivery service for when you need to rush an order out.

You can send anything at any value. There is no minimum and in addition to sweet and simple flower options, we have cards, gifts, and balloons that make a nice ‘just because’ delivery.

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