Summer Flowers

Flowers as bold as Alaska's midnight sun

Rain or shine, Bagoy's flowers deliver brightness and beauty! Sending flowers is a most unexpected and appreciated gift, perfect for all occasions and celebrations.

Favorites in Summer Flowers

Nothing says summer like bright and beautiful flowers from Bagoy's Florist! And with our local and nationwide delivery, you can send a ray of sunshine to that special someone from coast to coast!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are summer flowers?

🌲 Summer flowers are most often considered bold or primary-colored flowers. Sunflowers, delphinium, daisies, roses are a few of the most popular types

Do you offer Alaskan grown flowers?

🌷 Yes, Bagoy’s loves Alaskan-grown and seeks to support our local farmers by purchasing as many varieties as possible during their growing season of mid-July through mid-September or the first frost.

Do you have edible flowers?

🌞 Edible flowers are more readily found and can be brought in from our local farmers in the summer, though a special order of organic flowers can be sought out from out-of-state growers.

Why are Alaskan Peonies so popular?

🌸 Peonies are beloved for their romantic petals, beautiful color options, sweet scents, and outrageous sizes. Alaskan farmers have expanded the market with our later spring season, giving this beautiful bloom more months to be celebrated worldwide.

Do you sell Forget-me-nots?

🌲 Forget-me-nots are highly requested in summer wedding work and we do source them. They are a tiny, delicate bloom that is not used in traditional floral work since they last only hours once cut. Something to consider is gifting some of our local Forget-me-not seeds. Packaged nicely, they make a great add-on gift.

A Word from Our Customers